As it has since 2012, the Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle (RIPA) organizes a cycle of performances and calls on local and international students and recent graduate artists to submit their artistic proposal for the next edition that will take place in April 2022 at Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal.

This call is open to artists with a performing practice, including all forms of spontaneous productions in a more or less fixed space-time, whose approach calls upon the body (human or non-human animal, as well as machinic). RIPA aims to be an inclusive event, open to exploratory and new practices. We accept multidisciplinary proposals (sound art, multimedia installation, theatrical performance, etc.). RIPA encourages performative practices of short orlong duration, which reveal a form of audacity or risk-taking: interventions and liberating approaches that challenge the usual order of things. For this edition, artists are invited (without obligation) to submit a project that addresses the notion of the expanded body (posthumanism, transhumanism, cyborg world, post-gender world), or that calls for synesthetic experiences or relaxation through sound such as “ASMR”. 

An honorarium  will be given to the selected artists. However, RIPA cannot cover the artist’s expenses (materials, travel, accommodation, per diem). The artist must be autonomous and able to ensure the installation of their work as well as the management of their equipment. RIPA’s technical team will be present during the event to provide additional support. 

Your file must include the following elements in a single PDF file (maximum 10 Mb):

  • A short description of the project (maximum 300 words);
  • The approximate duration of the performance and the technical or material needs;
  • An artistic approach (maximum 300 words);
  • A curriculum vitae or bio;
  • A maximum of 10 images with the following information: title, date, duration, website (if applicable);
  • A hyperlink to a video documentation (Vimeo or YouTube).

Interested artists are invited to submit their application to RIPA via the following address: ripa.contact@gmail.com,  before JANUARY 14 21, 2022, 11:59 PM.

October 1, 2021