RIPA 2016

5th Edition – April 2&3, 2016

Performance Evening

Salle polyvalente,
Sherbrooke Pavilion, UQAM
April 2, 2016

Round Table

EV 3.760,
Concordia University
April 3, 2016

Guest speakers:
Jacob Wren
Emmanuelle Sirois
Yan St-Onge

Caroline Boileau
Julie Richard
Maude Johnson


Janick Burn – General co-coordination and co-programming

Félix Chartré-Lefebvre – Co-coordination and co-programming

Maude Johnson – Round Table coordination

Rosalie Chrétien – Technical support

Julie Richard – Communications

Mathieu Huppé – Graphic design

Ioana Vanessa Bezman – Logistics

Oriane Asselin Van Coppenolle – Finances


Service à la vie étudiante de l’UQAM
Département d’histoire de l’art, UQAM
Faculté des Arts, UQAM
CÉLAT – Centre de recherche Cultures-Arts-Sociétés


Brasseurs du Monde

Artist Biographies

Emma-Kate Guimond

Emma-Kate explores the impossibility and irreducibility of ways of being in the world. Her performative practice explores the tensions between the felt and the understood, the self and the other and between representation and presence. The gesture is for the artist a privileged negotiation strategy between these antagonistic postures. It allows the body to attempt visual, or textual expression which exceeds its own language. As opposed to the action, Guimond therefore chooses the gesture, involving memory and community through the micro-enunciations and micro-political relations it creates. These theoretical and practical considerations are closely related to the artist’s training in dance and choreography, which is now informing her practice and research as part of her Masters in Visual Arts at UQAM.

Félipe Goulet-Letarte

Félipe-Goulet Letarte graduated from Concordia University in Fine Arts and Philosophy, and is currently an Art History Masters candidate at University of Montreal studying the status of the artist. His current art projects combine theoretical and philosophical visual poetry. His creations, strongly conceptually inspired by phenomenology and postcolonial studies, explore various materials, such as photography, video, painting, drawing, installation, performance and music. Félipe-Goulet Letarte has participated in multiple exhibitions in Montreal.

Julie Laurin

In a hybrid discipline between performance and installation, Julie Laurin activates space and objects as incarnations of time passing, exposing their life cycle in an accelerated temporality. Through a dialogue between the interior and exterior, the artist transforms the notions of public and private spaces through gestures and unusual actions. She also questions her identity which, despite appearances, is constantly changing. Laurin is appropriating and transforming the day-to-day to dig deeper than just the surface of things. Her actions are intended to follow the programmed paths of design and architecture and to question her lifestyle dominated by control. Julie Laurin is currently pursuing an MA in Visual arts at UQAM. She practices performance art independently since 2013 and has attended several workshops with artists Victoria Stanton and Sylvie Tourangeau. She has presented several performances and has exhibited her work in Canada, Spain and most recently, at the Walk and Talk festival in Portugal and Visualeyez festival in Edmonton.

Laurence Beaudoin Morin

It is through performance that Laurence Beaudoin Morin gives her art a social function. Her own revolt is the starting point of her creative process and nurtures her projects. These develop around a desire to bring together “The Revolted” and share a reflection and a desire to work together on existing non-egalitarian social issues. The artist explores mobilization’s potential as her artistic approach and tries to develop a variety of performances in which resisting the oppressor leads to meeting the public. Beaudoin Morin tries to arouse the individual’s political commitment to a collective purpose through reevaluating direct militant action.

Rose de la Riva

Feminist artist or sensitive witch, Rose Riva focuses her practice on the nature of matter and people. Her approach is to invent new iconography and visual representations of women and their sexuality, as well as to stage an inter action with her environment. Riva questions the social constructions of collective imagination, the devaluation of images, popular culture and the material waste in all its forms: social waste, material waste or memory residues. Multidisciplinary and undisciplined, her work includes installation, performance, sculpture and drawing. For RIPA 2016, the artist questions the boundaries of urban intimacy with a videographic and performative sound approach. Rose Riva graduated from Cégep du Vieux Montreal in Fine Arts and is completing her bachelor in Visual Arts at UQAM.

Serge Olivier Fokoua

A Masters student in visual arts at Laval University, Serge Olivier Fokoua lives and works in Gatineau and Quebec City. Based on the dialogue between installation and performance art, Fokoua’s practice involves both the object and the environment in addressing the public. The relational dimension of his projects reflects on materiality, sensitivity and ethics. The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and Finland. He obtained an artist residency grant at the Vermont Studio Center in 2013. Cofounder of Les palettes du Kamer, he is since 2008 the artistic director of Rencontres d’Arts Visuels de Yaoundé [RAVY].

Vincent Brière

Vincent Brière explores the factors contributing to social commitment and complacency. He uses performance, installation, video and creates ephemeral projects in public space, to enter in a direct relationship with different work situations. Working with the vacillating dynamic between vulnerability and empowerment, Brière’s projects are fueled by a desire to resist oppressive power relations. Vincent Brière has a BA in Studio Arts from Concordia University. His work has been presented at Eastern Bloc [2015], at Encuentro MANIFESTO! [2014]. He also took part in creative residencies at Praxis Art Actuel [2011], at the Public Art Mentorship Program of the City of Calgary [2015] and at the Espace Libre pour la Culture de l’organisme Conscience Urbaine [2015].

Caroline Boileau, invited artist

Caroline Boileau addresses body and health through a practice that combines performative action, drawing, video and installation. She is interested in the different ways of inhabiting, representing and talking about the body. Since 1995, she has participated in several residencies in Canada and Europe. Her work has been shown in Canada, the US, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Finland and Brazil. She has an MA from Concordia University. She recently presented La peau entre les mondes, a “living picture” performance, in Walter Stewart Park during ODYSSEY 2004-2014 released by Dare-Dare. In 2016, she will exhibit her performance work at the Mobius center in Boston and at the Musée d’art de Joliette for Stéphane Gilot’s exhibition Le catalogue des futurs. Her drawings can be found at Espace Robert Poulin in Montreal and her videos at GIV [Video Intervention Group].

July 20, 2020