RIPA 2018

7th Edition – April 14&15, 2018

Performance Evening

Ancienne École des Beaux-Arts
April 14, 2018

Guillaume Bergeron Brassard (UQAM)
Joliane Dufresne (UQTR)
Roxa Hy (Concordia)
Antonio Larios (UQAC)
Alegria Lemay-Gobeil (UQAM)
Allison Macdonald (MassArt, Boston)
Alix Roederer (Concordia)
Santiago Tamayo Soler (Concordia) and collaborators
Ana Carolina von Hertwig (Concordia)
with Michelle Lacombe, artiste invitée

Round Table

Ancienne École des Beaux-Arts
April 15, 2018

“What subjects are generated by performance art?”

Guest speakers:
Érik Bordeleau (lecturer and researcher at Concordia University’s SenseLab)
Mélissa Correia (artist, outreach worker and educator)


Félipe Goulet Letarte – General coordination

Rose de la Riva – Programming

Adam Bergeron – Coordination of the round table

Julie-Isabelle Laurin – Communications

Laurence Beaudoin Morin – Logistics

Marion Henry – Graphic design

Tristan Sasseville-Langelier – Finances

Philippe Gagnon – Technical support

Ariel Rondeau – Translation


Service à la vie étudiante de l’UQAM
Département d’histoire de l’art de l’UQAM
Faculté des arts de l’UQAM


Rhumerie Barraca, Montreal 


VIVA! Art Action
Inter Art Actuel

Artist Biographies

Guillaume Bergeron Brassard

Guillaume Bergeron Brassard is originally from Saguenay. A graduate from the Arts visuels program at Cégep de Chicoutimi, he is currently completing a degree in arts visuels et médiatiques at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). His artistic practice consists primarily of performance art, video and writings, that he links to various other multidisciplinary mediums such as poetry, theatre and dance. Exploring what makes personal myths, he reflects on how to reinvest different subjects such as family, friendship, vulnerability and normalized gay identities.

Joliane Dufresne

Joliane Dufresne is currently completing a degree in arts visuels (BFA) at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR). She has been an active member of the performing arts scene for more than ten years and started showing interest towards performance art a few years ago. Dufresne’s artistic process is that of self-reappropriation, against a society that drives us away from oneself.
“What I am is obviously not limited to only myself, my actions and my thoughts. This notion of ‘belonging to oneself’ includes approaching others; learning to know and understand them, and drawing closer to who they are, what they do and what they think.”

Roxa Hy

Following a degree in Intermedia and Cyber Arts at Concordia University with a minor in Theatre, Roxa Hy’s artistic practice has evolved between the performing arts and media arts scene. Borrowing scenographic methods, her work often presents itself as performative installation art. In a generally playful tone, she explores tensions between poetic imagery and humour-related discrepancies. More recently, she has been studying the documentation of performance art as well as its economical viability.

Antonio Larios

Originating from volcanic lands charged with ancestral myths, Antonio Larios left Mexico to live in Saguenay. In his own vibrant and flamboyant world, he works with various mediums such as painting, sculpture and multimedia installation art. Through his work, Larios attempts to revisit his traditions and folklore while preserving their essence. He is currently completing a baccalauréat interdisciplinaire en arts (BFA) at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). He debuted in performance art in Breakfast Performance, as part of Art Nomade in 2013.

Alegria Lemay-Gobeil

Alegria Lemay-Gobeil lives in Montreal where she is completing a degree in arts visuels et médiatiques (BFA) at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Lemay-Gobeil is studying the retranscription, reiteration, and embodiment of “postures improductives” (or “unproductive positions”), as well as the various forms of inefficiency as a critical starting point. Via performance art, she puts into action a body that attempts to become aware of its self-subjugation and, by doing so, to deconstruct its predetermined potential.

Allison Macdonald

Allison MacDonald is in her senior year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston (MassArt)and is studying to get her degree in Interrelated Media with focuses on performance art and curatorial studies. MacDonald explores the idea of self-tourism, a term she uses to explain the feelings of dissociation that appear in our rapidly changing world.
“In our current, fast paced, ever-changing world, a quiet mind is more necessary than ever, but somehow, it’s becoming harder to habituate. It is easy if not inherent ​to feel dissociative; like a stranger in your own body.”

Alix Roederer

A Montreal-based visual artist, Alix Roederer is currently undergoing her third year in Print Media (BFA) at Concordia University. She works with various mediums such as prints, fake tattoos, video, live art, and performance art. The idea of time as an accumulation of wounds, of the self as a topography of scars, and of identity as being inherent in political, social and personal trauma are all themes found in Roederer’s work.

Santiago Tamayo Soler

Santiago is a Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist working mostly in video, performance art and painting. Following a degree in Film Studies at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is currently completing a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Concordia University. Interested in the intersection of fictional narratives, cinema and live action, Santiago’s work tries to translate and integrate various elements from cinematographic language to the live action, through ritualistic studies and practices. 

Ana Carolina von Hertwig

Ana Carolina von Hertwig is a Brazilian media artist based in Montreal, completing a Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia at Concordia University. Her research explores unconventional hybrid storytelling techniques. Conceptually, she is investigating the abstraction of language and the idea of unspeakable/unreadable/untranslatable matter, and the enduring sensations created from ephemeral events/memories/feelings that are for the artist tangible and intangible at the same time. Carolina von Hertwig is interested in translating our most intimate world, states of mind and personal labyrinths into environments that provoke awareness and sensations of déjà vu in the public.

Michelle Lacombe, invited artist

Michelle Lacombe (Montreal, QC) has developed a uniquely conceptual body-based practice since obtaining her BFA from Concordia University in 2006. Her performance work, often short in duration, uses simple gestures, mark-making, and strategies of discomfort to explore the evocative quality of the unspectacular, as well as to complicate the reading of her body. Recipient of the 2015 Bourse Plein Sud, her work has been shown in Canada and abroad in the context of performance events, exhibitions, and colloquiums. Her artistic practice is paralleled by a commitment to supporting undisciplined forms of art making. She is currently the director of VIVA! Art Action.

July 22, 2020