Our Mandate

Rencontre Interuniversitaire de Performance Actuelle

RIPA – rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle – is an annual non-profit event run by volunteer students whose aim is to promote the emerging performative practices from the Quebec university system and neighbouring areas. RIPA wishes to develop Quebec’s performance networks by fostering exchanges between students, audiences and the art community.

Based in Montreal, the event is a unique and accessible platform presenting contemporary performance art in all its diversity. The event unfolds in two complementary components: an evening of performance and a round table. Together, they generate collective experiences and reflections that crystalize within a subsequent publication. RIPA acts as a laboratory, both practical and theoretical, and seeks to establish contacts between emerging and established clusters. In a desire to experiment, its formula and team are renewed with each edition.

We define performance art as an “artistic form of expression that involves the production of gestures and actions, in which the event or the act itself establishes the artwork. Notes: By its nature, performance art is an ephemeral process that leaves nothing behind or just a few audio, photo or video traces. Performance itself, ‘manœuvre,’ collective performance, action poetry, the constructed situation and body art, for example, are associated with performance art.”

Synonyms: performance – action art – performance art [The Office québécois de la langue française, 2010]